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Q : I want to learn how to drive. How do I start ?
A : First, you have to get a learner's permit from the DMV. Once you have this document, call us up by phone or by email to schedule your first lesson.

Q : I am a first-time driver. How long does it take to learn ?
A: It depends on the individual. DMV recommends 20 hours of driving in all kinds of traffic (required for 16-17 yrs. old) before you take your road test.

Q : What is the Prelicensing class ?
A : This is a requirement by the DMV for all those who want to take the road test. It is a 5-hour learning experience in a classroom environment. Please call us up by phone or email to learn about our next class schedule.

Q : Is the Prelicensing Class the same as the Defensive Driving Class ?
A : No. The Defensive Driving Class is also a classroom learning experience but for 6 hours. You will get a 10 % discount from your car insurance for 3 years and take 4 points off from your driving record, if any, after completing the class. Please call us up by phone or email us for the next class schedule.

Q : How do I get an appointment from the DMV for my road test ?
A : If you are our student, we will get it for you for free. Otherwise, we have to charge you $ 10.00 for the service. Once we have your appointment, we will tell you the exact date, place and time of your road test by phone or email.

Q : I do not have a car to use for my road test. Can I use your car ?
A : Certainly. We pick you up, bring you to the site, take your test with our car, and bring you back after the test for a flat fee of $ 60.00.

Q : I have just passed my road test. When will I get my driver's license ?
A : The DMV will mail you the actual driver's license. In the meantime, a temporary driver's license will be issued to you after the test which you can use for driving while you are waiting for the license.
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